Basement Egress Window Installation and Concrete Cutting in Green Bay and Appleton, WI

Basement Egress Window Installation & Concrete Cutting in Green Bay & Appleton, WI

Installing an egress window in your basement does many different things: it can add a legal bedroom, it can add in more natural light, or more proper ventilation. But the most important aspect of an egress window is to provide a safe exit in the case of a house fire. There are specific requirements that are necessary to meet the current code of an egress window. The size of the window matters, the height of where the window is measured off the floor matters, and if you can open the window or not matters. It’s best to let a qualified professional handle all the details, like us. It doesn’t matter if you have a new build/new construction home or an older home, we are still able to install your egress window to meet the required current code. Additionally, egress windows do not need to be installed where a standard basement window is located. We can easily cut through concrete to place your egress window where you want it! We have all the tools, machinery, knowledge, and expertise to install your egress window. When you’re ready for your basement renovation, give us a call!

What Does it Include?

Our standard egress window package includes the following:
  • Notifying diggers hot line and obtaining a building permit.
  • Excavation for the site of the window, and removal of dirt.
  • Installing a window drain into the homes existing drain tile.
  • Cutting of the basement foundation and installation of header (where applicable).
  • Window framing
  • Installation of vinyl casement egress window 48″x 48″ sliding window, including exterior trim.
  • Installation of a Rockwell 1 piece molded fiberglass stone look window well.  Available in Gray or tan colors.  (
  • Backfill with decorative stone underneath the window well.
  • Interior jamb and casing finishing for an additional $800
  • Window well covers available for an additional $400

Competitive Egress Window Pricing

If you’re getting quotes for installing an egress window, make sure to get one from us! We have very competitive pricing compared to other companies servicing the Green Bay and Appleton areas. With us you get top notch professional service and a high quality product.

Standard egress window package $4400.

*Call for additional size and window options.

Basement Egress Window Installation Gallery in Green Bay, WI

Improperly Installed Egress Windows

It’s extremely important to hire an experienced and licensed professional like Basements Unlimited to install your egress window. An improperly installed egress window in your basement can wreak havoc. Future issues from an improperly installed egress window can lead to wood rot, water damage, flooding, mold, and water leaking in your basement. It’s better to install the egress window correctly the first time to avoid these expense headaches. Please see below for some pictures of an improperly installed egress window where we excavated and fixed all the resulting damage this improper installation caused.

Repair of Damage Caused by an Improperly Installed Egress Window in Green Bay, WI

Repair of Damage Caused by an Improperly Installed Egress Window in Green Bay, WI