Interior Drain Tile and Sump Pit Basement Project

An older home on Green Bay’s west side was having seepage issues when the ground was saturated with water. The bungalow style home was built in 1928 and at some point an addition had added to the original footprint. The seepage seemed to mainly be accumulating on the addition side. Although the bungalow had a sump pit and pump, there was no interior drain tile which meant that when the water table gets high, hydro-static pressure pushes water into the basement, most likely around the perimeter of the foundation. In order to remedy this we cut out the concrete around perimeter of the house and dug out a trench where we could had stone and then drain tile. Unfortunately the original foundation footing was very deep and very thick which made it a challenge to bust through to connect the original foundation with the foundation of the addition. In this instance it was best to add a second sump pit and pump and plumb the discharge to the original pump where they can both expel via the same discharge pipe. We also added a couple of drain tile clean outs which future generations may thank us for if the drain tile ever gets clogged. After everything is installed we pour new concrete around the perimeter to complete the job.